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Trading and swapping cute and kawaii things!
Photobucket The Community

Hii my name is Louise.. I have a personal journal under the username StrawberryLatte and I decided to create this community because I love trading cute things with people I can rely on.
Photobucket Trades
I will post an entry with a couple of themes, you can comment with your own themes or vote for ones I have suggested.. after a few days i will pick the most popular theme and give out partners ☺ and again.. if there is anyone you specifically want to trade with, just let me know. I will post a deadline date to send all swaps and then you can all post pictures as you receive them! There is a minimum £5/$10 value to each trade.
Photobucket What to trade?
This community is specifically for trading cute and/or handmade goods, take a look at your partners intro post, journals or wishlists to find out what they like. You could trade cute plushies, PhotobucketPhotobucketbeauty products, Hair accessories, Photobucket Stickers and stationary, You could add a letter, and photographs of where you live or other things, PhotobucketPhotobucket Candy and sweets, Handmade things (jewelry, pins or whatever you make!), Little bags or little boxes, Buttons, Beads or other supplies, Photobucket Little toys, The list really is endless but the best ideas are your own creative and unique ones!
Photobucket Rules
To join this community you need atleast 40 positive feedback on a trusted website (ebay,etsy). If you do, please join the community and I will accept you ☺ Rules for posting are simple… be nice!!
Photobucket Not Received?
Unfortunaly I cannot be held responsible for trades that aren’t received or are received damaged. If you receive a package full of cheap rubbish, please post pictures and (if agreed) your partner will be kicked. You will also be kicked if your partners don't receive more than once! You can request not to work with users again via e-mail, I will keep this private but if more than 2 people do not want to trade with you, you will be kicked. These may sound strict but we all want great trades don’t we??
Photobucket Open to suggestions
If you feel like I’ve missed anything, want anything added or anything else… just let me know!! I’m also open to suggestions about how we can improve the community.